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Review Blog: Una Vida Escrita de la Una (English Version)

Did you know? a few hours ago, Una was chatting with me and she just said, "visit my new blog, please!" she included her new blog address. then, I visited to her blog. suddently, I shouted "WOW" ... I was surprised because her all posts on her new blog posted by English language .. hemmm ... I suddenly envied by Una .. hikks .. : (
Una's blog header , visit here
Yeaahh .. Una was remarkable and amazing, hehe ... this is serious you know! hahaha...
Her first post is a review of stupid monkey's blog and there are three another posts by Una there. Did you know how is Stupid Monkey?
yaahh .. stupid monkey is Una's friend blog that has been known until all foreign countries. uupps hehehe!
and He is my friend too, of course :)
stupid monkey's blog header
Hemm.. I don't have much to say here. Let's visit there together,
a lot of interesting information that Una and Stupid Monkey wrote there, okay!
THANKS, anyway...

Keep Blogging and Happy Blogging!!
Noorma Fitriana M. Zain
Noorma Fitriana M. Zain, seorang Ibu Rumah Tangga dengan dua anak perempuan yang cantik, hobby menulis dan berselancar di dunia maya, Ia berasal dari Kesesi - Pekalongan, dan kini domisili di Semarang. Lulusan Pascasarjana Unnes ini bercita-cita ingin menjadi Abdi Pendidikan yang bermanfaat di dunia maupun di akhirat. Amin

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