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Batam in Restropection Alcohol and Ecstasy

It has become customary world, where life can be hung on it also hopes will be supported. Not only through newspapers or TV, word of mouth news of Batam was charming with his Singapore Dollar widespread all country.

So rollicking people flock moved to Batam. Pelni lane was opened at the port that should only functioned as a loading and unloading of goods. Thousands of people each week come down on the island and ready to fight with fate.
Some come armed to the teeth in the form of elementary through graduate diploma, a roll certificates, work experience and financial capital to trade, but more are just like bonek mania ball with no fare home. Slowly the concept of Batam as FTZ disoriented.

Until the early '90s, Batam is a contemporary form of a big village. Although modern and built with a futuristic concept masterplan, here and there villages aroma brought from all corners of the archipelago could not be covered.

At night, pounding music sounded more hectic. Bath city nicknamed the city never sleep, a means of entertainment ranging from discos, pubs, karaoke, cafe life music, disco dangdut massage center to life until dawn. The entertainment industry continues to accompany the pulsating electronics assembly industry, shipping and trade.

Batam experiencing culture shock. Villagers who used during the night used to hearing the sound of crickets and owls, can now hear the hustle and bustle of four-wheeled vehicles, disco music until the giggling lady escort that is not far from cigarettes and alcohol.

Talk nightlife, then in it a conspiracy lasted evil arbitrarily. Entertainment tonight is supported by the business of prostitution, gambling and ecstasy. Very rarely a woman brought in a good night-good, because what happens is the practice of human trafficking. The young women tricked to be recruited in the neighboring country. They were pulled from pockets of poverty from Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan with malicious deception, and then presented to the audience warm young leaves.

Noorma Fitriana M. Zain
Noorma Fitriana M. Zain, seorang Ibu Rumah Tangga dengan dua anak perempuan yang cantik, hobby menulis dan berselancar di dunia maya, Ia berasal dari Kesesi - Pekalongan, dan kini domisili di Semarang. Lulusan Pascasarjana Unnes ini bercita-cita ingin menjadi Abdi Pendidikan yang bermanfaat di dunia maupun di akhirat. Amin

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